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11th September 1994

"Seek ye the Lord ... call ye upon Him"

Dr. J. Neill Shepherd

20th December 2020

"Yet have ye not returned unto Me"

Geoffrey Bacon

23rd February 2020

The Word Became Flesh

Tony Sheldrake

13th October 2019

The Day of Atonement

Tony Sheldrake

12th May 2019

Jesus Entering Jericho

David Hill

14th April 2019

God's mercy, truth, exaltation and glory.

Geoffrey Bacon

28th January 2018

Come to Me

Michael Godwin

23rd April 2017

The Grace of God

Terry Balls

24th July 2016

Opened Eyes

Terry Balls

22nd November 2015

Jesus Himself

David Robins

7th October 2012


Geoffrey Bacon

26th February 2012


David Robins

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